Our Services

From heavy repairs to cleaning – Caltrax Inc. is a 125,000 square foot facility located next to CP Rail’s Alyth yard in Calgary, Alberta. Caltrax is a one-stop shop for all repairs, service or certifications.

The complement of services Caltrax can offer our customers are outlined within this section. From the moment your car arrives until the moment your car is complete and released, Caltrax will look after every detail. Our focus is on quality and safety. We fix, refit, repair, inspect and paint all types of railcars.

CALTRAX is the only independent full service railcar repair shop in Western Canada with direct delivery from both CN and CP Rail.

Mechanical Repair

Inspections and Testing :
  • Tank re-qualification
  • Air brake testing
  • Pre- and post-lease inspections
  • Non Destructive Testing: Radiographic, Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Weld Inspection (visual and remote visual), Leak Testing, Coating and Lining inspection, Hydrostatic Tank Testing, Infrared Thermography
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Tank Car Cleaning Rack

Tankcar Cleaning :
  • - Hazardous car cleaning, handling and disposal
  • - Valve inspection and rebuild
  • - Hydrogen sulfide scrubbing
  • - Nitrogen purging
  • - Incinerator flaring
  • - Food grade cleaning
  • - Gammajet cleaning of molten sulfur tank cars
  • - Exterior cleaning
  • - Product changeovers
  • - Kosher certified
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Blast & paint

  • - NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) inspector on site
  • - Complete corrosion, coating inspection service
  • - Pre-inspections provided
  • - Climate controlled environment
  • - Full range spray equipment including plural component
  • - Complete interior and exterior automated blast system
  • - Hand blasting booth
  • - Force cure/full bake capability
  • - Cure bay
  • - Providing and applying decals
  • - Graffiti removal
  • - Explosion proof spray bays
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switching & scheduling

We can house approximately 150 cars in our rail yard/shop with qualified switchmen who marshal the cars in the yard for quick switching and efficiency. Cars are shunted and moved using two shuttle wagons(2012 SWX-420) & ( 2006- 400 series SWX-435C). Read More