“Thanks and congratulations go out to each of our employees for their safety awareness.”

Health Safety and Environmental Policy

At Caltrax we care about the health and safety of our fellow employees, their families, our customers, contractors and visitors. We are fully committed to providing a Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) system that protects these people.

In fulfilling this commitment to protect both people and property, Caltrax Inc. will provide and maintain to the highest degree reasonably possible, all mechanical equipment, shop and site facilities and promote positive attitude towards health and safety and the environment.

In support of this policy and to assist all employees in developing safe work habits, Caltrax will:

Ensure that employees are properly trained to conduct their specified tasks
Work towards maintaining a high awareness of workplace hazards, the risks associated with them and the techniques to render the risks as low as reasonably practicable
Conduct regular HSE audits and inspections of the company and its operations
Ensure employee compliance with all applicable legislation
Record and communicate our HSE performance
Promote and demonstrate continuous improvement

Consider health and safety in every decision we make and in every activity we perform
Our HSE goals are:

Caltrax believes that all accidents and injuries are preventable and that Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Working safely and in an environmentally appropriate manner is a condition of employment. Each employee has a duty to report workplace conditions or practices that pose a safety hazard or threaten the environment and to take reasonable actions to alleviate such risks.