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  • Welders/Carmen;
  • Valve Technicians;
  • Heavy Duty Mechanics;
  • Blasters & Painters.

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Locomotive Mechanic - 2022-12-01

Specializing in propulsion system conversion, refurbishment, repair and modernization of locomotives, passenger trains and freight cars, CAD Rail Industries is currently looking for a locomotive mechanic.


Roles and responsibilities

  • Repair, recondition and rebuild diesel engines, water pumps, oil pumps and radiators;
  • Install large components such as gearboxes, pumps, motors or hydraulic components;
  • Adjust equipment and repair or replace defective parts, installations or components, using manual or mechanical tools;
  • Test repaired equipment to ensure that it is functioning properly and that repairs are in accordance with customer requirements;
  • Perform other routine maintenance work;
  • Maintain accessories and work tools;
  • Move and align sub-assemblies and components using lifting and transport equipment, including overhead cranes;
  • Check the quality of the work.

Job requirements

  • Hold a DEP in industrial mechanics / diesel or DEP heavy vehicle;
  • Professional experience with heavy vehicles / Diesel;
  • Professional experience on locomotives would be an asset;
  • Experience with precision instruments (micrometer, vernier, etc.);

Skills and competences

  • Ability to read blueprints and perform basic calculations;
  • Manual skills for mechanics;
  • Ability to work in a team and independently;
  • Be willing to learn and develop skills;
  • Be able to read procedures in English;
  • Be in good physical condition and be prepared to work in difficult conditions: heat and cold, noise, dust, odors, confined spaces and in heights;
  • Be flexible about the tasks to be accomplished;
  • Ability to stand up and lift moderately heavy loads;
  • Be available to work various shifts (day or evening);
  • Have a functional level in English (spoken and read).

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